I am casting a commercial for an amazing product that positively changes the lives of women who have medium/heavy bladder control issues.

DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL WHEREBY INCONTINENCE HAS NEGATIVELY IMPACTED YOUR LIFE?  Perhaps you cannot travel with the freedom you would like / maybe you are not able to play certain games with your grandchildren / are visits to the theatre are a thing of the past? / has your career been affected?  WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR PERSONAL STORY- whatever it is. We are looking for women aged 45-60 years, all ethnicities and from all over Britain.

 The first step is we would love you to send us a pic of yourself (a pic taken on your mobile is fine) along with a couple of sentences about how your life has been negatively affected by incontinence. Please send to assistant@treepetts.co.uk

 If you are shortlisted we would send the product for you to try and would like to hear how it has changed your life.

 If you are selected for filming the final ad will be filmed towards the end of May (you should only be needed for 1 day). You will receive remuneration of a sum approximately between £1500-£3500 dependant upon where the footage will be used.

 We appreciate that this can be a sensitive topic however, we are looking for your help to bring awareness to other women that through the use of this product your life does not have to be curtailed or diminished in any way by the lack of confidence that incontinence can sometimes bring.

 Please look at my website www.treepettscasting.com to assure you of my validity and should you have any queries do not hesitate to call me on 020 8458 8898

 Deadline for stories and pics is MON 28TH MARCH 2016 - if you need more time please just give me a call.

 Thank you so much for taking the time to read this – I hope to hear from you soon!

 Tree Petts