Specialising in commercial castings and street casting, Tree is also widely respected for casting children due to her ability to extract performances from even the most reserved child. She has cast children with a broad range of skills including break-dancers, yo-yoists, swimmers, footballers, cheerleaders, skateboarders and gymnasts and has been involved in the licensing process from beginning to end.

Her widely known expertise in street casting has seen her sourcing people around the world from adults in America who are learning to read to women who are incontinent and happy to talk about it…along with the usual musicians, trampolinists, farmers, circus performers, bakers, lookalikes, tattooed people, clubbers and drag queens etc. No matter how obscure your brief is, Tree can cast it.


Range of services

  • Traditional Casting

  • Street Casting & Research

  • Actors

  • Children

  • Models

  • Dancers

  • Musicians

  • Athletes

  • Circus Performers

  • Anything else you can think of...