We are looking for 40-90 year olds who have experienced “Life Changes” for a PAID shoot for a mortgage provider.  If it gets aired you could get up to £10,000 each!

We’re looking for individuals, families and friends who live together, having conversations about how their lives have changed and differ between generation to generation. Be great if you are all close so that conversation flows.

Life changes include:

-Having to downsize

⁃ Moving to a different part of the country

⁃ Following traditional family pressures

⁃ Getting a mortgage at the age of 50

Shoot would be some time between 28th May - Mon 3rd June 2019 Each family is only be needed for 2-3 hours.

We are looking for people all over Britain - lots of regional accents, ethnicities. It would be great if all 3 generations live close to each other.

Each family member will be paid £100 for the shoot, which will take place in your own home or at a local set for 2 -3 hours. If your family is selected to appear in the aired advert, each family member will receive:

1-year buyout usage Adult Featured Artist - £10,000 Per Person. Full buyout covers TV, Cinema, Social, Print, Radio, OOH

3-month buyout usage Adult Featured Artist - £2,500 per person. Full buyout covers TV, Cinema, Social, Print, Radio, OOH

3-month TV, SOCIAL & PRINT Adult Featured Artist - £1750 per person Cost cover TV, Social and Print

“Life isn’t what it used to be. Things that were true for older generations are different for us. We understand that a son will buy a house under very different circumstances to his father. And his father will enter retirement in a very different climate to his grandfather.”

If you are interested, please send me an email to isobel@treepetts.co.uk - preferably with a photograph or separate photos of the 3 generations.  I can then come back to you with more information.

Please feel free to look at the website which shows the type of work we do both street cast (using real people) and traditional casting (using actors/models).www.treepettscasting.com