We are looking for men and women 40 - 60 yrs who have had, or are thinking of having, some sort of cosmetic surgery.  This could be anything from botox, fillers, facial shaping, breast augmentation, ear correction, facial fat removal, eye shaping to extensive surgery

We are looking for people for a range of beauty images taken by a professional photographer and video testimonials which demonstrate the benefits of medical aesthetic treatments. THIS IS NOT FOR TELEVISION OR PUBLIC ADVERTISING- This is for a world leading company in medical aesthetics. The photos and videos will be used within the company's PR, media, marketing (including website) and Med Ed programmes for potential consumers and physicians.

PAID: £500/day. Shoot some time in mid July

If you're based within M25 and interested, please send an email as soon as possible to assistant@treepetts.co.uk with a photo of your face, phone number, plus a sentence about your cosmetic procedure experience/interest.

Please choose a correct statement which applies to you:

a)  I want to look a little better for my age. I'd like to soften some of the tell-tale signs of ageing (fine line, wrinkles) to appear healthier, refreshed, more youthful — without anyone quite knowing how.

b)  When I walk into a room, I want to be noticed. I want the "wow" factor. While I want natural-looking results, I also don't mind people knowing that I've had treatment. Makeup is essential in creating that picture perfect selfie.

c)  I would feel more confident if I wasn't always worried about my negative feature. I.e. Prominent ears, a double chin.

d)  I want to transform my face shape e.g. large round eyes, a pointed nose, a V-shaped chin, a slim jaw.